Cargo Lashing Service in Oman

Cargo Lashing Service in Oman

Cargo lashing services in Oman are an integral component of any logistic operation, ensuring your cargo arrives at its destination without incurring damage or loss on route and compliant with international safety standards.

Al Nowras offers cost-effective Sea Freight services for shipping large volumes over long distances, including FCL and LCL containers.

Customs Clearance

Customs clearance services are an integral component of importing any kind of goods into the Sultanate, and require expert teams. Reputable customs clearing service providers in the GCC will assist in this complex process and offer competitive quotes; Al Nowras Logistics Solution has offices located throughout Sultanate for your convenience and offers exceptional services at great rates.

Al Nowras was established in 2007 and quickly rose to become one of the leading and prominent logistical solutions providers across Sultanate, UAE, and GCC countries. Offering comprehensive road transport logistics using their fleet of 200 trucks with 24-hour customer support to maintain strong relationships with global carriers for optimal service, Al Nowras is also well known for their customized logistics, warehousing solutions, cargo transportation services, heavy lifting solutions and cargo services.

Al Nowras stands out as a premier logistics provider due to their expansive networks, specialized vehicles and equipment, and dedicated teams. By tailoring its logistics solutions for each project, Al Nowras can offer tailored and innovative logistics solutions as well as full transportation management as well as various ancillary services such as document management, packaging/repackaging/re-shipment. Al Nowras also provides storage / distribution warehouse storage options.

They take your goods’ safety and security seriously, employing stringent quality control measures and conducting regular inspections to maintain the highest standards. Furthermore, they use advanced tracking technology to track your shipment – making it easy for you to keep an eye on its status and location – while their reliable lashing services help shield cargo from damage during transit ensuring it reaches its destination safely and securely.

Air freight shipping offers a convenient and cost-effective solution for transporting large volumes of cargo across long distances. Al Nowras’ streamlined operations and integration with major airlines ensure that your shipment arrives on time with precision and dedication; our 24/7 customer support provides peace of mind through every stage of shipping process.


Warehousing is an integral service in the transport and distribution of goods, involving inspection and storage prior to shipping or other uses. Warehouses should be equipped with facilities, such as temperature and humidity controls, in order to preserve the goods stored therein and ensure their integrity. Furthermore, regular inspections for safety and hygiene must take place. Warehouse facilities must have access to sufficient trucks and forklifts in order to manage the movement of goods within their facility. In terms of activities performed within warehousing facilities, three main activities exist: inbound activity, transfer to storage and order selection. Receiving and inspecting goods fall under inbound activity while selecting and packing for shipping items fall into transfer storage activities.

Al Nowras Logistics Solution is an established freight forwarder in the GCC region, offering tailored services and solutions tailored to meet the specific requirements of businesses of all sizes. These offerings include air, sea, road cargo transportation services; as well as warehousing, transportation and consultation solutions that help businesses streamline their supply chains for increased profit potential.

Al Nowras stands out as an ideal road logistics provider in Oman and UAE with its diverse fleets that meet all customer requirements. These vehicles include flatbed, lowbed, long deck, triple axle and air suspension trucks capable of transporting bulky or oversized loads; cargo containers range from FCL to LCL storage capacities to help complete its services.

Oman boasts an airport within an eight-hour flight of two-thirds of humanity, offering immense potential for exponential cargo transportation growth. Al Nowras’ commitment to elevating cargo transport standards perfectly fits into this opportunity; their air freight services are fast, reliable and cost-effective with 24/7 customer support available to provide real-time tracking and peace of mind for every shipment movement.


No matter the size or nature of your cargo, our transportation services provide safe and efficient delivery to its destination. Our comprehensive list of services include documentation management, packaging and repackaging, storage and distribution – as well as expertise in securing large items by lashing. Furthermore, we are licensed to operate within Oman’s air corridors, making us committed to raising standards while contributing towards increasing air cargo traffic exponentially.

Our transportation services are flexible enough for any shipment need, from FCL (Full Container Load) shipments and LCL shipments (Less than Container Load), dry bulk shipping and RORO services (Roll on Roll off). Additionally, we specialize in project cargo management as an end-to-end logistics solution.

AL Nowras Logistics Solutions was established in 2007 and quickly quickly became one of the GCC’s premier logistics companies, providing custom clearance and shipping goods between all GCC countries. Our robust and versatile fleet includes flatbed, lowbed, long deck, triple axle and air suspension vehicles; moreover we boast over 200 owned trucks as well as a vast network of partner trucks to meet your Road Freight needs anywhere within Sultanate.

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