Ten Things to Consider for Doing Successful Intraday Trading Strategies

successful intraday trading strategies

Successful intraday trading involves accurate time management techniques and thorough market knowledge. Other essentials include technical analysis, realistic execution, appropriate risk management, indicators, and much more. 

While skilled traders have already mastered the art, beginners face a little problem in moving forward. Read on to find out the top 10 things to consider for implementing successful intraday trading strategies

Top 10 Things To Consider For Implementing Successful Intraday Trading Strategies.

  • Select The Appropriate Stocks

Your success in trading entirely lies in choosing the right stocks. Ensure you keep your eyes on well-known, well-established businesses with more liquidity. 

There is less chance of sharp price swings with these stocks because their price movements are often more stable. Once you’re comfortable exploring and have the required experience, you can check a wider range of options.

  • Establish A Clear Price Target

Set goals for both profit and loss right before you make a deal. Decide the price at which you will sell the stock if it performs as anticipated, and at which you will cut your losses if it does not turn out as planned. 

Setting these escape points before entering the market helps to build discipline and prevent you from making any emotionally driven rash decisions.

  • Keep An Eye On Trading Volume

The amount of shares that are purchased and sold for a specific stock is referred to as trading volume. Increased market activity is observed by a higher trading volume, which facilitates share purchases and sales without affecting prices significantly. 

The key is to look for stocks that have substantial trading volume. This is because they are usually more liquid and can provide you with better training opportunities.

  • Build And Follow A Certain Strategy 

Consistent success in intraday trading requires a clearly defined trading strategy. Choose if you want to focus on technical analysis, fundamental analysis, or a combination of the two. 

Have clear position sizing policies, risk management procedures, and entrance and exit requirements. All in all, the key is to follow a well-defined plan to minimise rash decisions and help in easy option trading in nifty.

  • Make Your Portfolio More Diverse

Never put all your eggs in one basket. Spread your capital in different stocks. This is usually known as portfolio diversification, i.e., Investing in a variety of stocks or assets. 

This approach reduces the influence of a single stock’s performance on your portfolio and helps you to spread the risk. To reduce further risk, try diversifying across different sectors and industries.

  • Always Remain Updated And Informed

For intraday traders, it is essential to be up to date on company news, economic data, and current events. Unexpected news events/developments always have a big impact on stock values. 

Hence, to ensure you make a wise trading decision, keep a close watch on financial news, economic developments, and earnings reports.

  • Consider Stop-Loss Orders

A stop-loss order will limit the potential losses you may have on a trade. It acts as a safety net. If the stock’s value goes against your expectations, decide at what price you’re willing to sell. 

With the use of this risk management tool, you can protect your funds and refrain from taking huge losses in the markets.

  • Pay Attention To Penny Stocks

Penny stocks may be appealing due to their low share prices. These stocks can, however, be very volatile and risky at the same time. Additionally, they are more likely to get manipulated and often have low/limited liquidity. 

In case you are thinking about trading penny stocks, be careful to conduct thorough background research and move cautiously. 

  • Control Your Emotions 

For a trader, emotions are the deadliest enemy. Impatience, fear, and greed all cause rash judgements that could result in losses. Have emotional control by following your trading strategy and staying logical despite market swings. 

  • Know When To Stop

Knowing when to stop is yet another unsaid rule of intraday trading. Never think of recovering your losses by over-trading. It always leads to losing money both ways. 


Being an expert intraday trader requires immense practice. There are no hard rules or golden rules when it comes to intraday trading. It is just a form of trading that can only be mastered with time, discipline and risk management. 

To become a successful intraday trader, keep in mind that every trade is an opportunity for learning and that losses are a necessary part of the process.

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