Neha Roy

successful intraday trading strategies

Ten Things to Consider for Doing Successful Intraday Trading Strategies

Successful intraday trading involves accurate time management techniques and thorough market knowledge. Other essentials include technical analysis, realistic execution, appropriate risk management, indicators, and much more.  While skilled traders have already mastered the art, beginners face a little problem in moving forward. Read on to find out the top 10 things to consider for implementing…

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Bangkok tailor prices

4 shirts every man should own first

Yo guys, you don’t need much to look fresh. Just get a couple of dope shirt styles in your closet, and you’ll be ready to slay anywhere you go. Whether you’re at work hustling or just chilling on the weekend, these four shirt styles are the key to building a solid wardrobe. Rock these versatile…

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AC online India

5 Best ACs in India (2024)

As the summer sun intensifies its wrath across India, finding respite becomes a top priority. Thankfully, advancements in air conditioning technology have brought forth an array of AC online India options to combat the sweltering temperatures. Among all the ACs out there in the market the most favourite of the customers are the popular split…

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HPLC labs

Quality Control and Assurance in HPLC Laboratories: Ensuring Reliable Results

Quality control is critical for bioanalytical laboratories offering solutions such as cell toxicity assay and HPLC testing services to ensure good data comparability. Quality control is a set of techniques or activities where the aim is to ensure that laboratories meet all quality requirements. Ensuring quality requirements requires monitoring processes and solving issues with method…

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