Secondary Education in Abu Dhabi Schools

GIIS Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is known around the world for its great wealth and high standards of living. It is not surprising that people from all over the world flock to the emirate to take up employment there. Many of them live there with their families including children as the place affords them a very good lifestyle. 

Besides, the place is known for its many fabulous schools that offer world class secondary education. Many of these schools are part of famous global chains from around the world. For instance, schools like GIIS Abu Dhabi (Global Indian International School, Abu Dhabi), offer world class holistic education comparable to the best anywhere in the world. 

Let us find out a little more in detail about this school and a couple of others like it. 

Global Indian International School, Abu Dhabi

Global Indian International School Abu Dhabi is a well known K to 12 school run by a globally acclaimed chain of international schools. It boasts a sprawling campus that provides a range of amenities and facilities that ensure that the students are able to perform to the best of their ability. The excellent teachers and support staff ensure that every student learns to excel both in academics and extracurricular activities. 

The school offers its students the much in demand Global Montessori Plus as well as CBSE curricula. Not only does the school have a sterling track record with regard to the academic performance of its students, but it also has a fairly good track record with regard to its students obtaining admission to the best colleges and universities. 

It is not surprising that the school is amongst the most popular ones amongst the expat communities living in Abu Dhabi, especially the Indian one.

Repton-Abu Dhabi

Repton Abu Dhabi draws upon its more than 450 years of heritage and is undoubtedly one of the best British schools in the region offering sterling Nursery to Year 13 education to its students. The school has two well appointed campuses that offer the students the best possible facilities and amenities to excel at both academics and extracurricular activities. 

Repton is known to make its students achieve outstanding results leading to their obtaining admission to some of the most prestigious universities anywhere. Repton Abu Dhabi is easily one of the best known international schools in Abu Dhabi and is more often than not the first choice of expats when it comes to choosing a school for their children. 

It is also quite popular amongst the local population, on account of its excellent reputation as a British school par excellence. It fully lives up to the centuries old Repton legacy.

The Cambridge High School, Abu Dhabi

The Cambridge High School, Abu Dhabi is one of the best known K to 12 educational institutions in the region. It boasts a world class campus replete with a slew of facilities and amenities that enable the students to receive world class holistic education. 

What’s special about the school is the fact that it offers access to the British Cambridge curricula, which is one of the most sought after anywhere. This comprises the Foundation Stage, Primary School (National Curriculum of England), and Secondary School (IGCSE & Sixth Form).

Everything about the school from its infrastructure and teachers to ambiance and ethos is out of the top drawer and this is reflected in the academic performance of its students and their university admission track record. It is hardly surprising that the school has earned itself the name it has amongst the expat population living in Abu Dhabi. This is especially true of the English speaking expats. It is also quite a favourite amongst the local Arab population as well.


The secondary education of Abu Dhabi are some of the best of their kind not just in the region,  but also anywhere in the world. These are playing a sterling role in imparting early education to the children and young people living there. It is because of this that Abu Dhabi has earned a well earned reputation as a regional schooling hub of considerable repute. 

Going forward, one can expect these schools to continue to grow in stature as the providers of world class early education to the children living in Abu Dhabi across nationalities and cultural backgrounds. This also helps the emirate retain overseas employees by ensuring good schooling for their children. 

Besides, these schools are also contributing towards educating the next generation of Abu Dhabi students. The future of any nation depends on what kind of provision there is for the education of its children. Abu Dhabi is very well endowed in this regard, thanks to its many world class secondary schools. The students who are studying in these schools today will shape a brighter future for themselves and their country.

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