4 shirts every man should own first

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Yo guys, you don’t need much to look fresh. Just get a couple of dope shirt styles in your closet, and you’ll be ready to slay anywhere you go. Whether you’re at work hustling or just chilling on the weekend, these four shirt styles are the key to building a solid wardrobe. Rock these versatile pieces right, and you’ll never look busted again. Let’s get into it!

Why These Shirts Matter  

Okay, I know what you’re thinking – “Why do I need specific shirts? A shirt is a shirt, right?” Nah, fam. The right shirts can be total game-changers for your look. They can elevate a basic outfit, help you kill those first impressions, and even give your confidence that extra oomph. Don’t sleep on a well-fitting, stylish shirt. These four styles we’re about to cover hit that sweet spot of being versatile, timeless, and appropriate for nearly any occasion.

The White Dress Shirt

Hey guys, here’s the scoop: if you’re gonna buy just one shirt, go for a nice white dress shirt. It’s like the original, the top choice for any guy’s closet. With a white dress shirt, you’ve got choices. Wear it with a suit and tie for fancy stuff, or keep it relaxed and cool by leaving it untucked with jeans.

The key is getting one that fits you really well. Don’t buy it too big and baggy. You want that shirt to hug your body in all the right places. Hit up a good tailor in Bangkok and they’ll make sure it fits perfectly. Bangkok tailor prices are pretty reasonable compared to back home.

When the white dress shirt is well-fitted to your body, it’s a total game-changer. You’ll look clean, stylish and feel super confident whether you’re at a wedding or just grabbing drinks. Buy a quality one and it’ll last you years.

The Button-Down Oxford

Next must-have shirt is the button-down Oxford. This is a more casual shirt compared to the dress shirt but still looks really sharp. The Oxford is perfect for a night out, running errands or kicking it at Sunday brunch.

The button-down collar gives it a preppy vibe which is nice. And the sturdy Oxford fabric has a nice texture to it without being too thick or hot. Look for an Oxford shirt that hits right around your beltline for the perfect fit.

Again, get this tailored shirt in Bangkok so it fits you perfectly. The Bangkok tailors can take your measurements and make it fit as they pour you into it. For the quality, their prices can’t be beaten.

The Bold Dress Shirt

Once you got the white dress shirt and Oxford sorted, it’s time to add a pop of color. Grab a dress shirt in a rich, bold tone like burgundy, purple or peacock blue. A colorful dress shirt makes you look so much sharper and more stylish.

Don’t go too crazy with the shades though. You still want it to be versatile enough to wear with suits or just pants and a blazer. And please, for the love of all things holy, get this one tailored in Bangkok. A billowy mess of a bright shirt will make you look clownish. But a properly tailored shirt in Bangkok with the perfect fit will revolutionize your style game.

The Casual Linen Shirt

Lastly, every dude needs a casual, lightweight linen shirt. Linen keeps you cool and dry during those scorching summers without looking sloppy. Throw it on over a tank or tee and boom – instantly looks like you have your life together.

Linen shirts look crispest in solid colors or simple patterns. Stay away from the busy prints that can make you look sloppy. And as always fellas, Bangkok tailor prices are cheap compared to back west. Don’t be afraid to grab a few linen shirts custom-made to your measurements. You’ll never want to take them off!


So those are the 4 most essential shirts for any man’s wardrobe. That will cover any kind of occasion whether it’s a formal meeting or an interview, a party, any get-together, etc. Start with those and no matter where you’re going, you’ll be one dapper-looking dude!

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