What is the purpose of an external wastegate?

external wastegate


Turbochargers are a great way to make your vehicle more powerful and fuel efficient. They use exhaust gases from the engine to spin a turbine that compresses air before it goes into the engine so that there’s more oxygen available for combustion. While this is great, it can also lead to problems if you don’t control the speed at which exhaust enters the turbocharger. This is where hardware such as an external wastegate comes in!

What is a turbo?

A turbocharger is a machine that forces more air into the engine. It consists of a compressor and turbine connected by a shaft. The compressor compresses the intake charge, increasing its density and pressure. The turbine section must withstand high speeds and temperatures while spinning at up to 250,000 revolutions per minute (rpm).

There are two turbos: variable nozzle vane turbines and exhaust gas turbines (EGT). The EGT type is used on diesel engines because they’re better at producing high power levels than VNT turbos; however, they have drawbacks due to the higher exhaust temperature they generate.

What is a wastegate?

A wastegate is a device that regulates the exhaust flow of a turbocharger. It does this by regulating the exhaust that bleeds off from the turbine side (the left side) to the compressor side (the right side). When you want more boost, you need to give your engine more air and thus compress it more. To do this, you increase your throttle angle and open up your Wastegate. This allows more of the hot, high-pressure gas to be bled off into your exhaust system; this increases your power output because now there is less resistance against which air must flow through for it to reach back into cylinders where it can be compressed again by pistons.

When you want less boost, you have two options: close off all four blow-off valves or close just one blow-off valve while leaving three open—this will cause some of that extra pressure created by keeping them all closed up until they burst out into an open environment rather than being contained within each port like before. Either method should reduce how much pressure builds up inside each cylinder, which means less power from increased compression under load conditions!

What is the purpose of a wastegate?

A wastegate is an exhaust valve controlling the exhaust flow exiting your turbocharger. The use of an external wastegate is to keep the turbo spinning at an optimal speed under boost conditions. Normally, when you accelerate or decelerate at low speeds, your engine will have a vacuum present which causes the turbo to slow down and reduce power output since it’s not being used to its fullest potential. By opening up this valve, you can allow more air into the engine, which means more horsepower!

Why should you use an external wastegate?

When you turn the boost pressure up on your turbo, it increases the amount of air that is blown into the engine. This means more oxygen is available for combustion and, therefore, more power. However, turning the boost too high can cause problems such as overheating or a loss in performance due to knocking. This is where an external wastegate is handy.

External Wastegate prevents turbos from overspeeding by bypassing exhaust gases.

An external wastegate is a valve that opens when exhaust gas pressure builds up. This purpose allows excess exhaust gases to bypass the turbocharger, preventing it from overspeeding and breaking.

This is also why some say an external wastegate can help reduce turbo lag. When you’re on the throttle, and your turbo starts spooling up, it doesn’t need any more exhaust gas—so an external wastegate will open up and divert most of the pressurised air back into your intake tube instead of through your compressor wheel.


By now, you should better understand wastegates, how they work and why they are essential. Hopefully, it made clear that having an external wastegate is good for your performance and can also help keep your car from overheating.

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