Top 5 Features of Dominar 400 That Transform Every Rider’s Dream

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Bikes are often recognised as something beyond a vehicle for personal use. It is something that reflects the owner’s lifestyle and personality. The Dominar 400 from the house of Bajaj is a product that develops a close bond with the owner. It has been a dream bike of every rider and an apt choice, especially for long-distance travel. Dominar 400 has always been a true friend for its riders across the rocky terrains in the world. If you are considering purchasing it, scroll down and read through the write-up to learn about its top five features.

Top 5 Stand-Out Features of Dominar 400

Priced reasonably at Rs. 2,60,454 (ex-showroom price, Delhi), the Dominar 400 has the best features, making it the best bike in India. Explore the top features below:

  • Looks

Sleek, subtle colours add a classic appearance to the Dominar 400. In addition, the ergonomically designed look of the seat and handlebar provides a spectacular riding position that ensures stress-free riding. The classy windshield packs the design value beautifully. Dominar 400 has no fussy detailing work or unnecessary over-styling. It has a smart silhouette, and the new digital dial is simple to read. The rear backrest is comfortable, and the splendid mechanics and appearance make it one of the best on the market.

  • City-Friendly

The topmost priority for Bajaj with Dominar 400 is the effortless use of this vehicle. The two-wheeler is charmingly agile while filtering through traffic with its flattering power cruiser appearance. It has a great heat management system, which prevents it from getting uncomfortably hot, even in the case of traffic jams. In addition, the absence of the low-speed lurching feature makes the Bajaj Dominar 400 traceable and seamless, even at quick speeds.

  • Power Delivery

With a 373.3 cc powerful engine, the Dominor 400 can generate around 35 Nm maximum torque. The disc and dual-channel ABS brakes add to the stability of the powerful bike. It is equipped with a DTS-i liquid-cooled engine and features a 6-speed gearbox, ensuring a powerful performance on the road. Interested riders will widely acknowledge the power delivery, which is seamless and rider-friendly, making it the best bike in India.

  • Handling

The vehicle can change direction seamlessly, proving its agility and ease of handling. The stability that the Dominor 400 offers is satisfying, especially when inclined and if the two-wheeler faces unanticipated glitches. The bike has anti-slip footpegs, ensuring a secure footing on the motorcycle. This makes it effortless to stand on the footpegs on a cracked road and emancipate a considerable amount of cornering consent. Incorporating a slipper clutch is a good bonus that flats out rugged downshifts.

  • Headlamp

The Bajaj Dominar 400 is equipped with a full LED headlamp. As a rider and owner, you will surely love this headlamp. Whether you take a short ride in a tunnel or explore other areas at night, this is one of the most powerful headlamps at such a price range. The bike comprises two switches controlling the light. These switches are on either side of the handlebar. The LED headlamp is a phenomenal feature that enhances visibility and adds to the beauty of your cohesive riding experience.

The bike market in India is competitive, with multiple brands eyeing to get a huge market share. Everyone searches for the best bike in India and wishes to own one. Touring and riding on the best two-wheeler is a dream for many and a passion for others. However, finding the perfect bike which is your ultimate travelling companion is tricky. But Bajaj Dominar 400 is here to make your choice. It is a power cruiser which is specifically designed for long hauls. It boasts attractive features and elucidates the passion for riding. So, get your Dominar 400 today and enjoy riding.

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