Nashville-Based XSOLIS Silicon and BTC Media

Nashvillebased xsolis silicon

Nashvillebased xsolis silicon recently secured $75 million in funds from research-driven investment firm Brighton Park Capital. It’s believed to be the third largest health tech capital raise in Middle Tennessee this year, according to Nashville Business Journal research.

Xsolis uses artificial intelligence to streamline healthcare operations. Its CORTEX(r) platform is a predictive analytics-driven solution that eliminates waste in utilization review processes between hospitals and payers.

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XSOLIS is a platform, data science and solutions innovator serving health plans, hospitals and payer organizations nationwide to create a more efficient healthcare system. With a purpose-built solution and industry-leading AI, XSOLIS breaks down healthcare silos by accelerating data-driven decision making, collaboration and operational efficiency in a connected network of providers and payers. Using its CORTEX(r) platform, the company eliminates waste through the science of data using automation, transparency and objective insights to ensure appropriate care settings for each patient.

XSOLIS was founded in Nashville, Tennessee and currently serves over 900 customers across the country with its utilization review technology, denials management consulting and physician advisor services. It also hosts the XCHANGE 2022 user conference in Nashville each October to bring together users from around the country to share knowledge, inspire and collaborate.


XSOLIS, headquartered in Nashville, is a platform, data science and solutions innovator serving health plans, hospitals and payer organizations nationwide. Its CORTEX(r), a novel AI-driven technology platform, uses real-time predictive analytics to continuously assign an objective medical necessity score and assess the anticipated level of care for every patient – enabling review automation and a clinical source of truth to enable more efficiency and collaboration across the healthcare system.

Several other Nashville-based tech companies that have made the news include RightPatient, RevSpring and S&P Consultants. XSOLIS has hosted its XCHANGE 2022 user conference in Nashville this fall, which brought together hundreds of case management and utilization review professionals from around the country to share best practices and learn about the latest and greatest in technology.


Nisolo, founded 5 years ago by Nashville-based microfinance entrepreneur Patrick Woodyard, is a mission-driven company that seeks to re-invent the fashion industry. It’s a shoe and accessory brand that specializes in sourcing and re-crafting handmade leather shoes, bags, and accessories for men and women.

A major part of its impact is its focus on workers’ rights and a commitment to pay living wages in both Peru and Mexico, where their products are produced. The company pays at least 27% more than the Fair Trade wage requirements, provides health care, vacation time, and a number of other benefits.

The company also offers an in-house financial literacy training program to factory workers, which has allowed them to increase the percentage of producers who have a bank account from 10% four years ago to 100% today. This helps them to provide a steady income for their families.

One of the company’s other major endeavors is to offset carbon emissions. In order to do this, it partnered with Climate Neutral, an organization that uses a brand emissions estimator to calculate a company’s total carbon footprint and then works to offset these emissions.

It also promotes diverting shoes from landfills through its partnership with Soles4Souls, a nonprofit that turns unwanted footwear into opportunities for people in developing countries. Customers can donate their old shoes to Soles4Souls, and the company will give them a $30 store credit in return.

Besides shoes, the company sells handbags and jewelry made by 13 artisans in Kenya. The company has been on the rise in the last four years and plans to continue to expand.

With a clear focus on design, the company is able to create classic designs with everlasting appeal that transcend seasonal trends. Woodyard says he’s also keen to “make data-driven decisions” across the business — from marketing to sourcing and beyond.

The e-commerce platform sells leather shoes, chukka boots, belts, and bags in both men’s and women’s styles. Among their most popular styles are boots, oxfords, wingtips, loafers, and sandals for men, and flats, mules, and heels for women.

BTC Media

The BTC Media company was founded in Nashville, Tennessee. From its vantage point in the fintech sector, BTC Media specializes in gathering and distributing the newest and most innovative information, education and research on the world’s fastest growing technology sector. Their flagship product is the triumvirate of The Distributed Ledger, yBitcoin and Bitcoin Magazine, all three of which are the world’s most popular digital currency publications.

In addition to a solid track record of innovation and product development, BTC Media also has a strong focus on customer service, which has resulted in a customer-centric culture that is highly collaborative and engaging. For example, the company has a large customer support team that ensures all customers have the best experience possible. As a testament to this, the company has won numerous awards including the prestigious Frost & Sullivan Gold Award for Customer Service Excellence. They have an impressive list of clients that include many of the world’s biggest and brightest brands. In the words of BTC Media CEO Michael Barclay, “To provide the best possible experience for our customers and to deliver superior value for the company is our top priority.” This is why it’s so important to understand what your customers need and want and to deliver it with a high degree of personalization.

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