How to prepare for the GIIS MCM Scholarship Exam?

mcm scholarship

Finding a suitable scholarship can be a daunting task, but preparing for the scholarship assessment is even more challenging. While it may seem like these assessments are more manageable, the reality is different. You need to prepare for the test with more effort than you would do for your standard exams. The tests evaluate a student’s intellectual ability and establish if they are well-rounded and fit for the scholarship. Proper preparation is essential for a successful outcome.

It is natural to find some straightforward scholarships that do not need one to undertake a test. However, many top scholarships require applicants to undertake an exam to prove their suitability for the award. For instance, when applying for the Mahatma Gandhi Universal Values Merit cum Means Scholarship, the scholarship assessment is critical. The aim is to ascertain if you are the best candidate for the mcm scholarship.

If you are looking forward to applying for this scholarship or have already applied and are waiting for feedback, there are a few things you have to get ready in advance. If you have not prepared for your scholarship assessment, here are the things you need to do:

Practice writing under a limited time:

It is always challenging for any student to write under restricted time. Scholarship assessments are often timed, so you have to be ready to do the tests under specific time limits. Your academic goals will be subject to the scores you will get in such assessments. So everything about the evaluation has to be stressful to push you beyond your comfort zone.

To ensure you are comfortable and confident when the clock starts ticking, you have to practice doing a test within a limited time. Good practice will help you build the speed you need to complete the assessment tasks on time.

Look for information:

How will you get ready for an assessment you have no idea about? This can be an ingredient for failure. Information is like a goldmine for success throughout the scholarship process. Take time to search for all the relevant information about the program, the topics included in the test, and how you should answer those questions.

You can ask for suggestions from appropriate sources like your teachers, scholarship experts, or previous program beneficiaries. The aim is to equip yourself with as many details as possible so that you can undertake the assessment well. Know the format of the evaluation, study all the topics, and prepare for possible answers in advance.

Enhance your verbal reasoning:

One of the basics of a scholarship assessment is to test a candidate’s verbal ability. This is where the examining panel establishes your ability to identify and explain the correct use of the chosen words or concepts. You can build this skill by using practice questions, internet searches, or even reputable exam bodies.

Build your numeracy skills:

Numerical reasoning is a test used to determine a candidate’s ability to use the right numbers and techniques to arrive at the desired outcome. There are plenty of mathematical resources with practice questions you can use daily to work on formulas and solve problems. When you can work out the problems within the restricted time, be sure that you will have an easier time attempting the assessment questions.

Make use of previous assessments:

Start looking for assessments done in the past years. Do this as early as two weeks before the test. You can get the assessment samples online, from scholarship experts or previous beneficiaries. Go through the samples and attempt the questions to get a feel of the actual exam. Know the pattern of the test and the time limit for every section. This will give you more confidence and the assurance you need to face the exam.

Take enough rest and relax:

Stressing yourself too much is not good. To be in a position to comprehend new concepts and ideas while retaining the old ones:

  1. Ensure you stay calm and relaxed.

  2. Start practicing early so that you do not put immense pressure on yourself during the last hours.

  3. Attempt each topic or task one at a time to grasp all the information you need for the exam. This will ensure you are at peace and not rushing into practice tests because you have no time.

In the end, do remember, that scholarship assessments are a determining factor for selecting the best candidate. Scholarship exams are not just like any regular exam you do at school. It is more of a competition and requires you to possess a higher intellectual capacity to solve the questions and pass the test.

Without thorough preparation, it is impossible to succeed in the assessment. It is advisable to get ready in good time. Look for information at GIIS, the best CBSE school in Pune – search for the program’s details, and make sure you file the MCM scholarship application correctly.

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