Elevating Drug Development with Custom Bioanalytical Services: MSD Assays for Multiplex Biomarker Profiling and LCMS Method Validation

Bioanalytical Services

Unveiling the Power of Bioanalytical Services in Drug Development

Embarking on successful drug development journeys necessitates robust bioanalytical services. Within this realm, Meso-Scale Discovery (MSD) assays emerge as invaluable tools, offering both multiplex biomarker profiling and LCMS method validation capabilities.

MSD Meso Scale Assays: A Paradigm Shift in Biomarker Profiling

In the dynamic landscape of Bioanalytical Services, MSD’s versatile platform, with over 400 ECL assay kits, redefines biomarker quantification. From ELISA to qRT PCR, MSD stands out, providing a next-gen electrochemiluminescence detection platform for efficient and cost-effective analysis.

Overcoming Challenges in Clinical Samples with MSD

Clinical samples are intricate, posing challenges for traditional immunoassays. MSD assays, with their broader dynamic range and multiplexing capacities, address issues related to limited sample volumes and diverse matrices, ensuring accurate evaluations in complex clinical scenarios.

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Customization Capabilities for Tailored Biomarker Assessment

Bioanalytical services take a personalized approach with MSD’s customization capacities. Researchers can access custom kits and multiplex panels, contributing to the adaptability of MSD technology in assessing unique biomarker combinations.

Prototype Printing Services: Precision in LCMS Method Validation

In the realm of LCMS method validation, MSD’s prototype printing services shine. Researchers can tailor biomarker assays to perfection, coating MSD plates with chosen materials, including antibodies, proteins, and peptides. This precision, coupled with high-throughput capabilities, ensures reliable LCMS method validation.


In the journey of drug development, the amalgamation of MSD assays and bioanalytical services proves transformative. Multiplex biomarker profiling and LCMS method validation become seamless processes, fostering innovation and efficiency in the pursuit of novel therapeutic solutions.

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