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executive rentals in Sydney

Corporate housing has become increasingly popular in Australia in recent years, as they offer a more affordable option for business travellers, executives, and those looking for a longer-term stay. According to a study by the CBRE, corporate housing, also called executive rentals, has grown by 15% over the past two years in Australia.

This development results from the country’s rising business traveller population and Australians’ search for more affordable lodging options than hotels. Executive rentals provide more luxury, convenience, and flexibility than conventional hotels, so it is not surprising that they are becoming popular.

Also, executive rentals in Sydney, Australia, are ranked 6th among the global cities. Furthermore, according to statistics, demand in Sydney alone has increased by 5% over the past year and is predicted to keep rising. In this article, you can learn more aspects of executive rentals. So, continue to have a read.

What are executive rentals?

They are entirely furnished homes, flats, or condominiums that offer numerous amenities and extra perks. As opposed to hotels, corporate housing, also called executive rentals, include all the comforts of home, including full kitchens, roomy living areas, modern furnishings, and frequently high-end technology like smart TVs and gaming consoles. With no need to buy furniture or sign a long-term lease, they also provide greater privacy than a hotel. All these make both business travellers and others seeking a luxurious setting for extended visits frequently choose corporate housing.

Who prefers executive rentals?

Entertainment crews

For various reasons, entertainment personnel who travel for work frequently choose to stay in executive rental properties. Executive rentals provide the space and amenities they require without the stress of making a hotel or apartment reservation, whether on tour, filming a movie on location, or setting up a live performance.

Also, they offer everything an entertainment crew might require, from large suites with abundant amenities to smaller units for groups of four or more. Professionals can also locate lodging close to the famous locations where they will be working, thanks to the availability of executive rentals in big cities.

Government and military employees

Because of frequent transfers and delegation, government and army professionals frequently find themselves in unfamiliar environments. So, they look for these rentals for their benefits, including more excellent rooms than a hotel and a safer setting.

It also assures a high level of privacy, which is uncommon in a hotel situation. Officers prefer that these rentals have contemporary amenities like luxury appliances, a fast internet connection, a gym, a pool, and on-site maintenance and security.


Executive rental properties provide guests with the highest standard of comfort and luxury. These properties are ideal for individuals seeking a lavish getaway in a great environment. Executive rentals offer unavailable amenities at standard hotels, such as swimming pools, hot tubs, private beaches, and other attractions. In addition, private rentals offer more room and solitude than any other type of housing, allowing groups to unwind without being concerned about disturbing other visitors.

Things to consider when looking for corporate accommodation in Sydney


Before making any firm decisions, it’s crucial to view the prices associated with executive rentals in Sydney, which may be expensive. According to data from the Sydney Property Market, depending on location and size, the average monthly rent for executive apartments in the city ranges from $500 to $2000.

It is crucial to account for all expenses, including rental prices, deposit sums, and other costs. Additionally, researching the neighbourhood where the rental is situated can assist in ensuring that the lodging is appropriate and suitably suits your expectations.

Customer service

It is imperative to consider customer service while selecting executive rentals. It can take time to decide which option, out of the numerous available, will best satisfy your needs. Therefore, it is crucial to invest the time to thoroughly investigate several agencies to comprehend the quality of service they offer. By doing this, you can decide which executive rental will best suit your needs and your situation.


Thus, Sydney is a bustling city with many executive rentals. There is something for everyone, whether searching for an opulent apartment with breathtaking views or a contemporary villa with a private pool. If you do a little research, you might find some fantastic discounts. You can choose from various lodging alternatives that offer the ideal balance of convenience, comfort, and price.

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