4 Things You Need to Know Before Choosing Kitchen Sinks

kitchen sinks in Sydney

The entertainment unit might be the centre of attention when it comes to your living room. Most people do not realise this, but the kitchen sink is the focal point of a kitchen. Thus, choosing kitchen sinks in Sydney is a task that requires your best skills. In hindsight, the key features you need to consider are obvious, but in the rush of renovating the house, you may miss them.

Not to worry, though. Here is a list of every box you should check before installing a sink in your kitchen space.

Right Position

When someone asks you where you want the kitchen sink, it is easy to say that it’s good as long as it is in the kitchen. You could not be more wrong. It would help if you thought clearly about where the sink will go because it directly impacts your kitchen’s functionality.

The kitchen sink needs to be close enough, so you don’t have to go back and forth while cooking. Placing the sink far away also means lugging hot and heavy utensils around the kitchen. If the wooden cabinets you have are in the splash zone of the sink, you will have to deal with damaged cabinets in time. There are too many factors to consider before you decide where to place the sink.

Right Material

You could have a sink made of opulent marble, glossy porcelain, utilitarian stainless steel, or anything. The options are endless when you look for kitchen sinks in Sydney. It comes down to the theme you are going for in the kitchen and how frequently you would use it.

Even if you use the sink regularly, porcelain will work for you, but it is easier to get stained. If you only want a clean and functional sink, nothing works better than stainless steel. Copper and composite granite are options worth looking into.

Right Configuration

This is where you decide the number of basins you need. A single bowl works well in almost all cases, fitting in large utensils and giving you lesser corners to clean. However, two bowls are not a bad idea either. It is advantageous if you multitask in the kitchen all the time. While shopping for sinks, you will come across double-basin sinks where one bowl is larger than the other. This configuration works best when you have limited counter space.

If you don’t want to keep increasing the number of basins and you have counter space to spare, setting up space for draining is wise. It will prevent the rest of your counters from soaking and increase the space’s functionality.

Right Installation

Finally, it would help if you decided how your kitchen sink would sit in its chosen spot. Get familiar with installation styles such as under-mount, drop-in, integral, and apron-front. Knowing the pros and cons of each style will help you make a well-informed decision. If you install the sink, an under-mount might be easier to execute.

In Sydney, a good kitchen sink costs between $419 and $1,149 and the most preferred materials are stainless steel, nickel, gunmetal, quartz, and brass. Even if you don’t use the rest of the kitchen that often, the sink will still see some use. By making the right choice of kitchen sink design, you will increase the space’s functionality and improve the value of your property in the Sydney real estate market. The effort you put in to pick a sink will be worth it.

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